The Final Encounter

Two university graduates are linked to each other but are unaware of the same. They are in the same profession, spies for their fathers' company called G.O.L.D which is an international spy and crime agency, but aren't smart enough to put the missing pieces together. The duo is destined to inherit the business together and during the book embark on a dangerous mission where lives can be lost. It unfolds the adventurous journey of two young spies who are guided only by their intelligence, professionalism, passion and a desire for revenge as well as the safety of their clients. It all boils down to whether they will able to return alive and inherit the business? Can they get along enough to be able to catch the gangs who are living comfortably on the money extorted from poor people? Track the journey of Kim Namjoon or Agent RM and Choi Minji or Agent Pearl struggling to solve a case which is a priority for their agency during which they discover their affection and unconditional love for each other? Will they come together? Or will it turn out to be unrequited love? Will it affect their work?

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Two youngsters, Lee Donna, and Park Jimin have just entered the first year of University. Lee Donna is the eldest daughter of a famous businessman and despite being born with a silver spoon is down to earth and caring. She is also the heir of her father's business. She has a passion for dancing and singing which is aided by her talents. This combined with a high IQ makes her special. She has already started learning the ropes of her father's business. She lives with her parents and a younger sister. She is half Korean and half British and stays in London. Her father is Korean and mother, British. She is fluent in Korean, French, English, and Japanese. She is a passionate reader who feels at home in a book shop or a library. Park Jimin comes from an average family and has big dreams of becoming an idol trainee with his friends. His friend circle is called the BTS. Those two bump into each other, slowly grow fond of each other not due to their or financial status but because of the inner beauty that both of them discover. One is struggling to get through his training years with its strict rules and regulations to become an idol. He has to be aware of each of his actions, words as well as fandom. While the other one is facing a problem at work but does not display the frustration and stress to make her beloved ones happy and proud. How does the duo overcome depression, self-harm, anxiety, and fear of hurting the very person that they cherish and want a future with is a journey that the reader will embark on.

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