People call me rich, People call me a witch. People call me everything, But I am so far from it.

People call me selfish, People call me heartless. People call me devilish, But I am more than daddy’s little princess.

Trying to fit in, Trying to adjust. Trying to reform myself, But all the efforts are in vain.

Some things are inherited, Some things are in the blood. Can’t change my surname, But can realize my worth.

No one to lean on, No one to guide. Every day feels like, I am walking on cold thin ice.

There’s a reason to breath, Or a purpose to exist. Finding both the meanings, Was tougher than expected.

Nobody knows me for me, This luxury is becoming the reason of my misery. Try to see me behind those walls, And you’ll be questioning your P.O.V.

There’s more to me than just wealth, So give me a chance to amend this mistake. I can show you the brighter side of life, While enduring the piercing gaze of your eyes.

The person you know is not me, But until you give me your time. The truth won’t be free. ~Donna ( 11/03/21 )

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