My Childhood!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Born with a silver spoon, Had a lot on my plate, But still yearned for more, And struck the gold.

Life was full of surprises, It isn’t full of sunshine and rainbows. The smiles which I once thought were genuine, Were actually fake, Hiding those sinister snickers Behind their masquerades.

I learnt this at a young age, Which became a part of me now. Made me more mature, and stripped that innocence off of me. I once was a bubbly and cheerful kid, Who got mesmerized by the aquatic animals, Which swam freely in the deep blue ocean. I once was a kid who stuttered while speaking to strangers, And shyly hid beneath her mother’s embrace.

I once was scared of standing up for myself, Scared that people will judge me, Scared of my insecurities, All the blame goes to my low self-esteem.

Rivals and enemies were spread across Like a maze from which I cannot escape. Always monitoring me, Waiting for me to make a wrong move, So they can taint my name.

I slowly started being self-conscious of my every move, Trying to sneak away from their predating eyes, But it always seemed impossible, Impossible to hide my cries.

Since I was a kid, I strived to meet all the familial expectations, And targets of jealousy. But just like any other day, My blood, sweat, and tears made me shine, And made my competitors frown.

People started growing envious of me, Envious of all my achievements, And that power I held, That power I felt when I saw people failing in front of me, Made me hungry for more.

This so-called power changed me, Changed my entire self. From a shy-nerdy kid, To a beautiful strong personality. From a child who was scared of this world, To a person who was ready to tackle any obstacles, that life threw at her.

Just a few incidents changed my life, Changed my childhood and made me realize, That people come and go, And so do obstacles, Now it’s up-to you if you would stop, Or keep going on and on!

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