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Community Service Projects

Since I was young I had always been interested in giving back to my community for all it has done for me and I want to share all those opportunities and mind-blowing projects with you all. If you have a similar vision as me then you are very much welcome to browse through the following projects and choose the one which suits you! I would always recommend working as a service worker despite your age, gender, or profession, everyone is eligible to serve society and I would love for you to try it as well! Not only does serving the people around you give you immense happiness, but it also gives your soul inner peace and internal satisfaction. By doing good deeds you can proudly say that "yes! I did something in my life for others around me which is not everyone's cup of tea."


"Service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth."

A Woman Writing at Home

LTC Initiative

This project was formed under The Upside Project Organisation from Canada.

Since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Long Term Care Homes (LTCs) have faced significant adversity. The evolving pandemic threatened not only physical health but also mental, as vulnerable groups found themselves increasingly isolated from loved ones. TheUpsideProject believes that smiles, laughter, and social interaction are essential for supporting mental health, now more so than ever, so we want to bring just those gifts to LTCs across the lower mainland this summer situated in Canada.
The student team will be writing and performing a selection of uplifting poetry for residents and staff at LTCs. We will also be making handwritten cards (with hand-drawn art) featuring uplifting quotes, short stories, and poems for LTC staff and residents. 
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